If you are reading this then I guess you have stumbled along onto my little website somehow – I hope you will stay and look around just a little bit as you might just find something interesting to read or look at. If you checkout my about page you will see that I enjoy outdoor action sports even though I live in the mountains where the weather will misbehave for months every year.

I enjoy golfing, probably my favorite of all the sports I get involved with and I have found a great way to play this game over winter – I will post all about that in the coming weeks – and I like to discover small intimate restaurants where I can try out interesting new foods as well as try some of the worlds finest wines (I know, it is a weakness :-)). My eldest child is also a sports fanatic and play off a 12 handicap at the age of 9. He regularly beats me around the course and I have high hopes that he will achieve a single figure handicap before he reaches his teenage years!

I have tried to encourage my younger son to get involved with the family sports outings but he seems to be more preoccupied with playing computer games right now. I suppose that is the beauty of children and the human race in general, we all like different things and have talents in different areas. Although computer games are not as healthy as sports like golf they can be a stepping stone on the way to a career in computers or related industries. I try to encourage him to learn more but right now he just wants to have fun.

My wife loves to join us in most of our adventures but her heart lies in hiking as she loves to spend time in our mountains enjoying the scenery and taking photos. During the winter months she sometimes runs mini tours so the tourists can enjoy the alpine surroundings and the beauty of winter snows. Although she occasionally enjoys hitting some golf balls I have not yet managed to get the bug to bite! Let’ see if  we can make 2015 the year to be different.

Well, that is enough of a small introduction and I really hope you will pop back some time to see what we have been up to. If you have similar interests to us then you might just bump into us up in the mountains.



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Air Quality in the Mountains

One of the problems we deal with by living up a remote area like this is the constant dry air. This is to be expected living in this type of area but after some time in can result in health problems, especially in the respiratory tract. Some people get headaches, others get sinus but I tend to suffer with a post nasal drip – something which untreated can almost drive you mad!

Small children are especially at risk and often suffer with the worst symptoms. I know this due to family that has spent time with me (sometimes as little as a weekend) and end up with common problems attributed to dry air. I also see this with our guests that come up for trails and trail golf – they often end up with unexpected symptoms (similar to a cold) but cannot quite work out why or how to get rid of them.

One way I have slightly recovered is with the installation of a complete home humidifier system which keeps the air regulated and ensures a healthier atmosphere, you can check out this website to see the type of product I am talking about. These are also available for smaller children or babies and can help with sleeping and other problems ensuring your child sleeps and so do you :-) Stand alone units are also available which are safe to run and can be moved to different rooms or taken on holiday when you go away.

It is well worth considering the humidity level within your home if you are any members of your family tend to suffer with these type of problems. The solution can be simple and it can end up changing lives! Another common trait will be in children that consistently seem to suffer with bloody noses for no apparent reason. Dry air can cause the tiny blood vessels within the nose to become dry and crack, resulting in a typical nose bleed. Adjusting the moisture levels in the air can override this and keep this problem away.

As you can see, with this short article, there are many health issues to consider surrounding ari quality and it might just be worth your while to look into it if your family members keep suffering with the common symptoms.



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Blizzard and Gaming

As you know, if you have read our blog, we live in a fairly remote area which enables us to explore mountains, streams, forests just for a start. This is our choice but occasionally things do go wrong and this week we have suffered one of the worst storms ever. Stuck indoors with no option to go out or even get to the local supermarket for supplies means we have to find something to do inside to pass the time!

Something I do not often talk about, but now is probably the time, is my secret love for gaming. I love to challenge people on the web and if my wife didn’t keep me in check I might spend a good portion of my free time glued to the screen. Last year I bought a new computer gaming desk from this website enabling me to have everything setup nicely and ready to go whenever the timing is convenient. This major blizzard has forced me to play :-) and it is just as well as I had something to do otherwise I might have become very agitated! I bought this walker desk for those who are interested and am very happy with it.

After poking my nose outside yesterday to grab some firewood I took a quick picture so you can see what it’s like outside – very cold and inhospitable!

Snow StormI must say though, there is something magical about this time of year, everything is peaceful and the snow creates a beautiful backdrop which I never get tired of staring at. I hope to get some time to post more pictures once the weather improves but for now I am back to my gaming!

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Views and some Wine

Late in the day yesterday we decided to take a little hike and enjoy a glass of wine over a popular view point quite close to our home. One of the first things you notice in this area is the quietness as snow seems to depress normal background noise. This enables us to really enjoy the peace and quiet up here while we enjoy our picnic and sip on our wine. I took a picture to give you an idea

Snowy MountainsAs you will probably notice the snow is limited this year which is rather odd for this part of the world. Normally, we would expect the entire viewpoint to be covered in white – more evidence that the weather is slowly changing around the world!

I have a small wine fridge at home which allows me to store my wines in an optimal environment as I spend some of my spare time on a sort of wine collecting hobby. I wouldn’t call myself a specialist or anything but it does give me something to do when I can’t get outdoors. If you enjoy a glass of wine then you might want to invest in a decent wine cooler or fridge, you can get more information on those at this website. I find that there is always newer stuff to learn and you can never really master a hobby like this but you can experiment and collect nice high quality wines to try out.

This year we have decided we want to work a little bit harder on our health and fitness to ensure we don’t ever put our lives at risk. As we push ourselves harder up on the mountain our fitness levels need to improve to match and as we get older this becomes a lot harder to maintain. Many people have suffered fatal problems and out in the mountains help is far away so it is vital to keep fitness levels at a maximum to ensure we stay safe. A few years back we lost a lifelong friend to exhaustion when he pushed too hard and found that his stamina level was short – he literally sat down and slowly passed away.

Trailing can be an excellent past time as it is great for socializing, takes you to amazing places in the world and keeps you fit all at the same time. It is, however, critical that you invest in safety equipment of a decent quality. So many people buy cheap and nasty equipment which can often cost them dearly later on. If you are unsure then join a trailing club and get some advice and information from the other members there, I am sure they would only be too happy to help! I will try and post some beginner tips and tricks soon which will be enough to get your started.



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